Airen BlackFour+


Made of aluminium to control the speed of 4 fans. The panel is suitable for each 5.25" bay and is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports, eSATA and Power port. In case of fan failure, LED of appropriate fan turns off. Especially useful for high RPM fans.

Tech specification

Dimension149 × 42 × 68 mm
Input Voltage+12V
Output Voltage5-11.8V ± 10%
Regulated max power output 30W
Color of LEDRed
Ports2 × USB 2.0, 1 × eSATA, 1 × 5-12V 4 pin power port
Package includes4 screws, Power cable, SATA cable, USB cable, 4 fan cables


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BlackFour+ - Product sheet PDF [245 kB]

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