Airen DualWings 80E

DualWings 80E

DualWings line of AIREN fans is designed for the possibility to reach significant increase of cooling performance at the same fan speed. The option is also to keep the same cooling performance but at the same time extend the life time and reduce noise of cooling solution. Extreme operation line is optimized for the lowest possible noise at the highest power performance. The fans use Enhanced FDB bearing for steady and reliable operation. In attractive red-black design the screws and antivibration pads are included.

Tech specification

Dimension80 × 80 × 25 mm
Fan Speed2000 ± 10% rpm
Rated Voltage12V DC
BearingEnhaced FDB
Noise Level17.2 dB/A
Length of cable300 mm
Package IncludesMetal screws, Rubber pads
Connector3 pin
Package TypeColor Blister


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