Airen RedWings 140 LED

RedWings 140 LED

Red underlighted supersilent fan made by Airen Technology with Enhanced FDB for silent, steady and reliable operation in attractive red-black design. Elegant retail package, screws and antivibration pads included. Rotation speed optimized for the best silence to performance ratio.

Tech specification

Dimension140 × 140 × 25 mm
Fan Speed1000 ± 10% rpm
Rated Voltage12V DC
BearingEnhaced FDB
Noise Level14.6 dB/A
Length of cable300 mm
LED4 pcs (red)
Package IncludesMetal screws, Rubber pads
Connector3 pin
Package TypeColor Box


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RedWings 140 LED - Product sheet PDF [313 kB]

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